Pixelated Popcorn’s 2010 Year-end Lists

It’s that time of the year again–the season of list-making! Let me share with you the year-end lists that I’m planning to post in the upcoming months. This will cover my main interests, namely: magazines, movies, and music. This page will serve as an index for the lists that I will be making. Click on the list title to link you on the blog post. Dig in. Enjoy!

Philippine Cinema

Philippine Cinema Year-end Report: Film festivals, poverty porn, and the top 15 Filipino films of 2010

Best Film Performances of 2010 (Pinoy): Long List

List of Filipino films seen in 2010

Foreign Films

Pixelated Popcorn’s Top 25 Foreign Films of 2010

Best Film Performances of 2010 (Foreign): Long List

List of foreign films seen in 2010

Movie Posters

10 Best Posters of 2010

Best Posters of 2010: Honorable Mentions

Local Magazine Covers

10 Hottest Covers of 2010


Favorite Tunes of 2010


kPg said...

This is a very entertaining year-end post! I hope 2010 was a blast for you. Well, for me, it wasn't that fun, but I learned a lot. I also have a year-ender, by the way. I wrote about The Sims 2 house designs, some of my personal drama, and my own top 5 lessons I learned in 2010. Care to read 'em? Just follow the links. Thanks! =)

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

Thanks for dropping by. I'll check your links. Happy New Year!


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