My 2009 in Status Updates

Two days before 2009 comes to a close, I reminisce my year by going through all of my posts on my Facebook wall. Let me share my favorites with you.

DEC. 29: I’m planning to buy a notebook. Budget is 25K. Any suggestions on what brand and model? (FB is very helpful in soliciting tips from friends. 28 comments and counting.)

DEC. 29: Spell evil. S-U-E S-Y-L-V-E-S-T-E-R! Kick Schuster's sissy ass! (And Sylar goes down to # 2 as my favorite TV villain.)

DEC. 21: RIP: Brittany Murphy, actress/singer, 32. (The only death that mattered to me this year. Blame Paul Oakenfold and Happy Feet. Cory Aquino and Michael Jackson were complete no-shows on my FB wall.)

DEC. 21: 3 steps to unfriend someone 1. deny his/her existence whenever he/she is around 2. block his/her number from sending messages to your cell 3. delete him/her on Facebook Voila! Friendship over!

DEC. 18: Kids are running around the office. Summit Media has turned into Disneyland! (During our office Christmas party. Let it be Crowne next year.)

DEC. 7: My favorite thing to do in Facebook: UNTAGGING (So what if I love cleaning my wall? OC ako e. I don’t appreciate Friends for Sale, Pillow Fights, Farmville Gifts, Tag All Your Friends, and the like, so please spare me.)

NOV. 19: I never believed in blessing in disguise until now. (Being transferred to a new department is actually a good thing. Bitter? Not anymore. Grateful? Oh, yes!)

NOV. 12: It's almost midnight and I'm still in the office. Have to wake up early for tomorrow's presentation. Weekend, excited na kong makapiling ka! (One of the numerous times that I stayed in the office till the wee hours of the morning to finish presentations to advertisers. Goodbye to the corporate slave me.)

NOV. 8: Tryin' to bounce back from a tumultous week. A week filled with self-induced heartache and health failure. I gotta get through this. And I'm gonna get through this. (On recovering from kuliti and break-up. Awwww…)

OCT. 16: Just got back from a shoot with the Goin' Bulilit kids. Aaron is like a breathing stuffed toy. So cute! (I resisted the urge to sneak him in my backpack. Haha!)

OCT. 8: Don't you hate it when the cashier keeps on bugging you for loose change?

OCT. 2: Supermarkets and groceries are singing hallelujah to Pepeng. Panic buying at its best. (If we’re prepared, it won’t hit us.)

SEPT. 30: Is Jacque Bermejo a real 'sinner' or a victim of a fraudulent account? Or is she just another 'thesis' of a UP college student (Ederlyn, anyone?)? Jacque Bermejo will soon cement her status as an urban legend. (Whatever happened to her?)

SEPT. 28: Since I didn't have cellphone coverage and electricity over the weekend, I didn't realize how much damage Ondoy has done until I got to work this morning and found out that some co-employees lost their home and even their family members. Let's all pray for the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

SEPT. 22: You won't believe what FAP chose to represent RP in the Oscars. Not 100, not Jay, not Manila. Not even Lola, but close: Ded Na Si Lolo.

SEPT 22: Yes, it's true. Words can make your knees weak and your heart flutter, especially if those words came from someone you love. Who said Hallmark cards are passe? (After 1st monthsary. Surprise, I’m still capable of getting kilig.)

SEPT. 18: I can't be any happier that this busy week is about to end. Lo and behold, long weekend. I can finally shave. (After the Advertising Sales Conference.)

SEPT. 10: Friend mo na ba sa FB si Kimmy at Dora Go Dong Hae?

SEPT. 2: Vote for your favorite DJs in the Top 100 DJs poll. My vote goes to David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Benny Bennassi, and Kyau & Albert.

AUG. 25: Sometimes, all you want is to be the wallpaper on someone's phone. (It actually felt good to be the wallpaper on someone’s phone… and laptop!)

AUG 24: Who said 'new me' resolutions are just for New Year? You don't need 2010 to be a better person. All you need is a catalyst for a change. Or more aptly, a special someone who would inspire you to change for the better. (In love nga ako e. Pagbigyan n’yo na ko sa mga cheesy posts.)

AUG. 20: What if ABS-CBN remakes Gossip Girl? Imagine Pinay Blair uttering these lines: "Dalawang salita, siyam na letra, sabihin mo at sa iyo na ako". Panalo!

AUG. 12: Lady Gaga has a dick and it's bigger than yours! (Thoroughly entertained by Lady Gaga during her concert.)

JUN. 25: With the barrage of status updates and tweets, are we sharing too much information already?

JUN. 2: If beer tastes bitter, it means you're problem-free. Otherwise, it's sweet. Drinking till the beer tastes bitter won't help solve your problem. -plagiarized from Men's Health

MAY 28: Dionisia is the new Imelda! (But with a better accent!)

MAY 25: OMFG! Brillante Mendoza is Cannes' Best Director! (The year’s biggest surprise. It was a great triumph for the Filipino people.)

MAY 14: I just received my credit card bill and I was devastated by the five digits that will devour my paycheck tomorrow. (This was just the start. This December, my 13th month pay was spent on paying my credit card dues.)

MAY 4: Prepare to suck the cock of karma! -Pineapple Express

APR 30: I finished the Ridiculous Burger, a three-patty burger, in 7 minutes. Over 2 minutes to be a Hall of Famer. That sucks! (Although I have beaten Seb in the K-Zone Challenge, I was still a failure. I need a hug now… and a milkshake!)

APR. 24: Today is Long Sleeves Day! Me haves skin allergies. Dunno what me is allergic to though. Maybe, BS. =P (On my recurring allergies.)

APR. 21: Sometimes, being negative is positive. (I got tested and I’m negative, that’s why I’m positive!)

APR. 16: Me calls them Spiky Boy Medel. Mine hair spikier than Goku's.

APR. 8: I'll stay in Manila for the holy week. Sino gusto sumama sa 'kin na mag-skateboard sa EDSA?

APR. 7: The things you own end up owning you. - Fight Club

FEB. 23: Gerard says, don't sweat the small stuff! (My personal mantra for the year.)

FEB 18: I have to channel his inner kid. Mind you, it's for work. (On my new position as Publishing Assistant for the kid’s magazines of Summit Media.)

So what are the highlights of my year?

1. I had the chance to be a kid for 10 months and enjoyed every minute of it.

2. I fell in love. It may not have worked out as I thought it would, but I’m happy it happened. I had so much to love to last me another four years of singlehood.

3. I am now a certified film addict. I conquered French Filmfest, Cinemalaya, Cinemanila, and Cinema One Originals. That’s on top of my DVD marathons at home.

4. I attended a lot of movie premieres, thanks to PEP and K-Zone. I wrote reviews for PEP. I also had a brief stint as contributing writer for SPOT.

5. I partied more responsibly compared to last year.

6. I started going to the gym.

7. I discovered Facebook and Twitter. I retired Multiply and Friendster.

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