Review: Revolutionary Road (3/5)

Aside from the stellar turn of the film’s ‘Titanic’ superstars, this film’s gift lies in its incriminating dissection of the American dream. Couples get married, settle down, and raise their kids. Daddy goes to work while mommy takes care of the household. But is this ideal set-up mandatory in every home? Even if it is mandatory, are couples happy living inside the parameters of roles and labels that society assigned to them? This is the arduous task of “Revolutionary Road”. It takes a resolute look at every husband and wife’s dilemma.

The couple sits on the opposite ends of the personality gamut. Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a conformist and is content of what life has to offer, but April (Kate Winslet) is headstrong and rebellious. Torn between leading the life they really want and living one that is expected of them, they realize that something is missing in their idyllic predisposition. Being the risk-taker, April is faced with issues of breaking free and following her heart’s desire without neglecting her familial responsibilities. Soon enough, this puts a rift on the seemingly perfect Wheeler Family.

“Revolutionary Road” is a dark drama that explodes with raw emotions. The script is flawlessly written. The leads throw their lines eloquently. Whenever Frank and April fight, their scathing words bruise deeper than any punch or physical torture. Their lashes of tongue whip us causing acute emotional pain. Elevating the level of drama are the intense performances of Kate and Leo. In “Revolutionary Road”, the two gave their most impressive acting performances to date.

The film’s ending will either shock you or leave you cold. But it is undeniable that the truths presented right before you will linger for days.


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