Best Film Performances of 2010 (Foreign): Long List

There are far too many great performances this year that this list, however lengthy it may be, is insufficient to cover the entire field. Presenting the 33 best film performances of 2010...


Isabelle Huppert
White Material

Best Moment/s: At the bus.

Claire Danes
Temple Grandin

Best Moment/s: When she is craving for her hug machine.

Nicole Kidman
Rabbit Hole

Best Moment/s: Conversations with her mother and her son's killer.

Do-Yeon Jeon
Secret Sunshine

Best Moment/s: When she finds out that God has "forgiven" her son's murderer.

Loretta Devine
For Colored Girls

Best Moment/s: When she recited the poem about the man who walked off with all her stuff.

Paprika Steen

Best Moment/s: Scenes on stage.

Michelle Williams
Blue Valentine

Best Moment/s: Confrontation with Dean at her father's house.

Melissa Leo
The Fighter

Best Moment/s: The final boxing match.

Jennifer Lawrence
Winter's Bone

Best Moment/s: When she finally found her father.

Marion Cotillard

Best Moment/s: When she died for the last time.

Halle Berry
Frankie & Alice

Best Moment/s: The first time she became Alice.

Kimberly Elise
For Colored Girls

Best Moment/s: While scrubbing her kids' blood on the sidewalk.

Emma Stone
Easy A

Best Moment/s: Pocketful of Sunshine.

Aggeliki Papoulia

Best Moment/s: Flashdance.

Natalie Portman
Black Swan

Best Moment/s: When she transformed into the black swan.

Barbara Hershey
Black Swan

Best Moment/s: The final scene.

Anne Hathaway
Love & Other Drugs

Best Moment/s: Breakdown scene in her apartment.

Jeong Hie-Yun

Best Scene/s: When his grandson was taken away by the police.

Jacki Weaver
Animal Kingdom

Best Moment/s: "You've done some bad things, sweetie."


Jesse Eisenberg
The Social Network

Best Moment/s: The opening dialogue with Erica and his retort against the lawyer's "condescending" question.

Jeff Bridges
True Grit

Best Moment/s: Every time he shows off his accent.

Colin Firth
The King's Speech

Best Moment/s: Every time he stammers, which is practically all the time.

Ryan Reynolds

Best Moment/s: When he cut his finger and when he realized that he is dead meat.

Andrew Garfield
The Social Network

Best Moment/s: "You better lawyer up, asshole!"

Ryan Gosling
Blue Valentine

Best Moment/s: When he sings to Cindy.

Joaquin Phoenix
I'm Still Here

Best Moment/s: Everything! I can't believe he pulled this off.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Shutter Island

Best Moment/s: When he finds out that his kids are dead.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Best Moment/s: When Mal jumped off the building.

Cillian Murphy

Best Moment/s: Final scene with his dad.

Hugh Dancy

Best Moment/s: Every awkward moment.

Aaron Eckhart
Rabbit Hole

Best Moment/s: Fight with Becca.

Christian Bale
The Fighter

Best Moment/s: The interview at the tail-end of the film.

James Franco
127 Hours

Best Moment/s: The interview with his self.

On the week of the Oscars, I will post my top picks for Best Actor and Best Actress of the year. Please watch out for that.


sanriel said...

Haha kung i-judge mo ako sa list ko na super dami, sayo nga performances pa lang, 33 na! HAHA.
Anw, with every bit of fairness, I think the one who gave the best performance of 2010 was Andrew Garfield in The Social Network. Chos. Haha

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

Di naman kita jinudge sa haba ng list mo. Sabi ko lang, masipag ka. Compliment kaya yun. In fairness to Andrew Garfield, siya ang nagpaiyak sa akin sa The Social Network. Siya ang puso ng film. = )

Alem said...

nakakatawa naman kayong mag-away sa inyong mga post. hehe!

wala si irma? joke!!!


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