Best Posters of 2010: Honorable Mentions

The sad thing about making lists is that I can't include everything. I have to give up some of my favorites. Naming the 10 Best Posters of 2010 doesn't seem to be enough, so let me also share with you the 43 movie posters that almost made the cut.

My list of the 10 Best Posters of 2010 is coming up soon.


Robbie said...

Nice set! Can't believe these are only honorable mentions. Ang daming magagaganda. Why can't we come up with posters na ganito? >_<

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

I love movie posters. Niresearch ko talaga 'to 'cause I don't wanna miss something. Ang sad kasi karamihan sa mga movie posters natin walang kwenta. Nakita mo ba yung poster ng Petrang Kabayo. Bad photoshop.

Nicholas C said...



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