3 TV Shows With Kick-Ass Posters

As a prelude to the Best Movie Posters of 2009, let me give you three TV shows with ultra-cool posters.

House, MD

True Blood

Last year's best movie poster, Funny Games, was ripped off by two other horror movies: The Strangers and Unborn. This year, the True Blood poster was imitated by no less than Megan Fox for Jennifer's Body. So who do you think did it better?

And the best TV poster goes to Mad Men. I haven't seen the show, but after seeing how witty these taglines are, I'm dead curious. If the script is half as clever as these taglines, I bet Mad Men can cure my allergy against TV series. At present, the only TV shows I watch are Glee and Gossip Girl.

Mad Men


rex baylon said...


I'm not a fan of True Blood and I only occasionally catch an episode of House, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that Mad Men is one of the best American TV shows being broadcast on the air right now. The show finished it's 3rd season a few months ago and will begin airing it's fourth season in the states this coming July or August. Mad Men although set in 1960's New York City is not a nostalgic look back at that era; it's really a story about characters who must wear figurative masks to navigate through their professional and personal lives. Each character in the show has the burden of having to carry and keep hidden several secrets that they can never reveal, even to those they love. It's a wonderful character drama and if you are gonna watch just one American show you really can't go wrong with Mad Men.

Sanriel said...

Mad Men is the best show on tv today, script-wise, if you ask me. They just finished a very very VERY good season in 2009. 2010, however, belongs to LOST's final season! And that's fixed na. Can't wait for Feb! :)

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

@Rex That made me all the more curious. Sani, the one who commented after you, also speaks highly of Mad Men. But I find TV series a bit tedious to watch. To watch one season of a TV show is equivalent to watching 10+ movies. So I really have to weigh the odds. But if the show's really good, I don't think I would mind. I used to watch Heroes on hours on end (back when it was still interesting). So game, I'm ready for Mad Men.

@Sani I have Lost at home. But the show somewhat 'lost' me after a few episodes. The only TV shows that I've EVER seen are Prisonbreak, Heroes, Glee, Gossip Girl, and American Idol. As you can see, I haven't been spending a lot of time watching TV.

rex baylon said...

hi Fidel,

Unlike many network television shows like LOST, 24, or Heroes which has a 23-25 episode season. Mad Men has a tight 13 episode season. There is no filler, and Mad Men is the most cinematic television show out there right now and the art direction and the wardrobe on the show has influenced several fashion and design companies in the States and elsewhere. It's not a show for people looking for fast paced action sequences though, the show is a slow burn character drama and you have to be patient since a throwaway glance or phrase from one character may not make sense till several episodes later. But trust me if you take the time to watch the show it will be so rewarding and really enjoyable.

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

Sounds like a revolutionary show. I heard it has been receiving numerous Emmys since its first season. I'll take your word for it. I'll buy a DVD of Mad Men soon. Thanks Rex.


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