Review: My Fake American Accent (1/5)

When I read the synopsis of “My Fake American Accent (MFAA)”, I automatically felt curious about it. I have friends working in this multi-billion dollar industry that goes by fancy names like contact center, business process outsourcing, and call center. “MFAA” is made up of call center vignettes sewn loosely together to make a movie that resembles a mini series so bad it has to be pulled out from air after its pilot episode.

“MFAA” is sloppily made with extremely low production value. The background is too noisy that the dialogue is often inaudible. The musical score is amateurish. The sound volume is inconsistent. The film also suffers from poor editing. It is full of clutter, as if it keeps a collection of unnecessary scenes. Mindless shots are also rampant. Meanwhile, the script is so badly written that it turns out to be more irate than those stupid American callers. The punch lines are bland and the dialogue is dreadful. Acting-wise, the Team Leader who is hungry for promotion as an Operations Manager is the only one who can act. The rest are merely saying their lines, and they couldn’t even say it right. In one sentence: “MFAA” is a high school project pretending to be a movie.

This movie will go down as Cinemalaya’s worst film ever. Even call center will roll their eyeballs over the misrepresentations and the stereotypes it projected on screen.


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