Most Played Songs On My iPod (April '10)

Everyone knows how much I adore films, but my interests are more than that. Aside from being a cineaste, I'm also an audiophile. I'll see to it that my iPod is regularly updated with the latest songs on the airwaves. So as a regular monthly feature, let me share with you the 10 most played songs on my iPod.

There is nothing fancy or avant-garde about my taste in music. I listen to what everybody is listening, but a little heavy on pop and electro/house. In this month's list, we have two soundtrack singles, two remixes, an actress, and a Filipina.

Charice Ft. Iyaz - Pyramid (Barry Harris Remix)

With the plethora of 'champions' from local singing competitions, I've become tired of divas who belt every note every time they get the chance to. So when Charice Pempengco was featured in Ellen and Oprah, I didn't think it was such a big deal. Pyramid changed my mind. Given that she doesn't sound original (her vocals is reminiscent of Jojo) and this is not exactly her style, this song still continues to amaze me. In fact, I have three versions of this song on my iPod - the original version, the Dave Aude remix, and the Barry Harris remix. Among the three, this has got to be my favorite.

The official music video of Pyramid is already out. You can check it out here.

Lea Michele & Chris Colfer - Defying Gravity (Glee OST)

The hit TV show Glee has spawned a lot of memorable covers. Among my favorites are Don't Stop Believin', Maybe This Time, Don't Rain On My Parade, Don't Make Me Over, and this song from the musical Wicked. Who do you think is better in this "diva-off"? Rachel or Kurt?

Justin Beiber Ft. Ludacris - Baby

Admit it, every time this song plays on the radio, you can't help but sing: "And I was like / Baby, baby, baby ohhh / Like baby, baby, baby noo / Like baby, baby, baby ohh / I thought you'd always be mine mine" complete with all the ohhh's and noo's. Well, me too.

Ke$ha Ft. P. Diddy - Tick Tock

Speaking of ohhh's, this song's catchy chorus can get anyone humming "Woah-oh oh oh / Woah-oh oh oh" in its distinct intonation. It's the type of feel-good song that will make you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. It's the perfect pick-me-up together with Ke$ha's other tracks Blah Blah Blah and Your Love Is My Drug (not to be confused with Leighton Meester's Your Love's A Drug).

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

I never liked country music and maybe, I never will. The likes of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood certainly did not help change my mind. But this country ballad has that potent power to suck you in. It reminds me of Rascal Flatts' What Hurts the Most, which is one of my favorite songs from that year.

David Guetta Ft. Tocadisco & Chris Willis - Sound of Letting Go

David Guetta and Chris Willis are frequent collaborators. Before Guetta worked with Akon, Black Eyed Peas, and Kelly Rowland, the two set the dancefloor ablaze with infectious house tracks such as Love is Gone, Tomorrow Can Wait, Everytime We Touch, and Just A Little More Love among others. For their nth collaboration, their chemistry hasn't worn off even a bit.

Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl (LA Riots Vocal Remix)

The beat-boxin' American Idol runner-up is not dead, though he isn't as "alive" as we expected him to be either. Nevertheless, he continues to make smooth club tracks reminiscent of 1000 MIles and How Many Words from his debut album Audio Daydream.

Lady Gaga - Teeth

As Lady Gaga says "Don't be scared / I've done this before / Show me your teeth" in the opening of the song, I can already imagine how her music video for Teeth will look like. There will be men strapped on dentist's chair while Gaga and her girls forces them to "open their mouth and say ahhh" using dental equipment slash torture devices. Too bad Alejandro was chosen as her next single.

Chris Brown - Crawl

I heard there are radio stations in the US and around the globe who refuse to play this song. If that's the case, these people are missing a lot. And watch out for half-Filipina RNB singer Cassie on the video below. What a hair.

Marion Cotillard - Take It All (Nine OST)

Nine is probably my most anticipated movie for 2009 because (1) it's a musical; (2) it's directed by Rob Marshall who helmed one of my most favorite films of all time, Chicago; and (3) it stars Oscar winners Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and Judi Dench. So what more can you ask for? After watching the film, it left wanting for more... more plot, more drama, and more substance. NIne was such a letdown.

I could name more than nine things I hated about the movie, but let's focus on the good ones instead. Here's two: (1) Fergie's performance of Be Italian, amazing voice and great choreography and (2) Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini. She gives this lifeless musical the much needed human warmth. Too bad she's only on screen for less than 20 minutes. Her crowning glory is this scene and this song. Below is a clip from Nine.

So the song from Nine completes the 10 most played songs on my iPod this month. I have just finished downloading new songs including three versions of The Climb, 3OH3!'s remix of Blah Blah Blah, and Christina Aguilera's latest Not Myself Tonight. Be back next month for another batch of great songs.


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