Review: The Hangover (3/5)

DIRECTOR: Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Starsky & Hutch)

TAGLINE: Some guys just can’t handle Vegas.

STARRING: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham

THE GIST: Two days before Doug’s wedding, his gang takes him to Vegas for a bachelor party he’ll never forget or more aptly – a night they’ll never remember. The gang wakes up to a trashed Caesar’s Palace suite with an abandoned baby in the closet, Mike Tyson’s tiger in the bathroom, and Doug missing. Can they find Doug in time for his wedding?

ROLLING STONE SAYS: The Hangover ain't art, but Phillips has shaped the hardcore hilarity into the summer party movie of all our twisted dreams.

I SAY: “The Hangover” is solid, well paced, exciting, and hilarious. It’s like a crime investigation film wherein the detectives look for clues to solve the mystery. The difference is that there are no smart aleck detectives, just three whacked-out guys who can’t get their acts right.


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