Cinemalaya 6 Film Logs (Part 3)

Vox Populi
New Breed
Director: Dennis Marasigan
Starring: Irma Adlawan, Julio Diaz, Bobby Andrews, LJ Moreno, Suzette Ranillo

Vox Populi chronicles a mayoralty candidate's last day of campaign as she meets the electorate, shakes the hands of her supporters, and extends favors for spiritual leaders, businessmen, and even drug lords. Despite her pure intentions, she is sucked into the amoral world of politics. Nuanced and well played. Starring the ever reliable Irma Adlawan.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Leaving
New Breed
Director: Ian Lorenos
Starring: Alwyn Uytingco, LJ Reyes, LJ Moreno, Arnold Reyes

Inspired by Wong Kar Wai in its themes and structure. The supernatural elements are dispensable, but they spice things up nonetheless.

Rating: 3/5

Shorts Competition
Director: Jerrold Tarog
Starring: Che Ramos, Bea Garcia

Yes, a mere verbal battle can be this engrossing.

Rating: 3.5/5

NETPAC Premieres
Director: Arnel Mardoquio
Starring: Fe Hyde

Sheika, if it wasn't omitted from the New Breed category, would have out-shined the competition. Yes, every single one of them including Halaw. This film is unlike any other crime drama this country has ever produced. It echoes maternal love, the Davao Death Squad, and the evils of war. Amazing performance from lead actress Fe Hyde. Don't miss the tearjerking tsinelas scene.

Rating: 4/5

NETPAC Premieres
Director: Adolfo Alix Jr.
Starring: Sid Lucero, Cogie Domingo

Muli, shown in Cinemalaya as a work-in-progress project, is way too long. It has brief moments of brilliance, but they're too brief to even matter. Dear filmmakers: If you think your film will not be finished in time for its screening, then don't show it, plain and simple. Don't waste the audience's time and money with an unfinished, substandard film.

Ratring: 2/5

New Breed
Director: Danilo Gomez Anonuevo
Starring: JM De Guzman, Joem Bascon, Emilio Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco, Dominic Roco, Alchris Galura, CJ Ramos, Manuel Chua, Rob Sy, Archi Ad
amos, Maxene Magalona, Rich Asuncion

Two rules: listen and follow. A band of neophyte soldiers is being conditioned to carry out a "confidential" mission. In an attempt to uphold their principles and beliefs, they are compelled to defy the camp's two cardinal rules. Rekrut mediates on authority, blind obedience, and above all, camaraderie.

Rating: 3.5/5


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