Why I will not vote for (insert presidentiable's name here)

Why I will not vote for AQUINO: He still has a lot to prove for himself. Admit it, people only love him because he is Ninoy and Cory's son, not to mention Kris's brother.

Why I will not vote for VILLAR: The last thing we need is a president who is more business-minded than Henry Sy. Besides, aren't his shameless political ads enough to turn you off?

Why I will not vote for ESTRADA: Because EDSA 2 is not a mistake! Excuse me for using an exclamation point. I am filled with fury after knowing that he still has the guts to run for president again. And I am even more infuriated that there are still voters who will shade his name in the ballot.

Why I will not vote for MADRIGAL: Seriously, who would?

Why I will not vote for GORDON: Because Gibo is running.

Why I will not vote for GIBO: Because I did not register. Shoot me now. Nevertheless, I'll be on Team Green come May 10. I'm supporting the candidate who really deserves to win not because of shameless self-promotion and goodwill of parents. I hope you make the intelligent choice on Monday. Surveys are not the end-all and be-all of the elections. Our candidate still has a fighting chance to win.

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But Gibo is...


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