Review: Biyaheng Lupa (2.5/5)

Biyaheng Lupa is the directorial debut of award-winning writer Armando Lao who was responsible for the screenplay of Kinatay, Serbis, Kubrador, Pila-Balde, and Tuhog among others. This film takes a motley crew of characters on a bus ride en route to Legazpi. It stars Coco Martin, Eugene Domingo, Angel Aquino, Julio Diaz, Andoy Ranay, Jaclyn Jose, Sharmaine Buencamino, Allan Paule, Carlo Guevara, Mercedes Cabral, Archie Adamos, etc.

Most of the scenes happen inside the bus wherein we get the chance to peek into the lives of the different characters sans visual flashbacks. As soon as the door of the bus closes, we hear the passengers’ innermost thoughts. But when the bus door opens, we can hear the noise from the outside except the passengers’ uttered words. Their stories are presented through the characters’ voices. The concept is solid. But its novelty soon wears off. There are far too many stories to make each truly affecting. The ending is also a letdown.

Just when you I was trying to remember what Biyaheng Lupa reminds me of, the characters suddenly break into a song. And that’s when I realize, how this ensemble film is greatly reminiscent of Magnolia.


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