Review: In My Life (3/5)

Moviegoers will once again applaud Vilma Santos for getting under her character’s skin, while her son will soon be banned from portraying any living character. Meanwhile, John Lloyd Cruz will receive props for an understated but effective performance.

But I’ll sing my praises to Dimples Romana for that singular scene where she painfully recounted her mom’s hostile remarks about her plans of taking up medicine. Effective dramas don’t always require over-the-top acting and pails of fake tears. There’s beauty in restraint. There’s a strong emotion expressed by tears welling up in the corner of one’s eyes. And there’s an even stronger emotion expressed by the fact that someone is fighting back the tears. Dimples may not have been given the key emotional scenes. But on her few minutes on screen, she flexed enough acting muscles to purge Luis Manzano and his classmates in the Academy of Slipshod Acting out of show business.


pat said...

I've always thought of Dimples Romana as a great actress too, in the same way that Eugene is great in playing support in comedies. She was so good in that contract signing scene, shifting effortlessly from hysterical to emotional. Galing. Hehe.

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

It was an exquisite performance. I really felt for her in that scene. It's such a pity that she doesn't get lead roles. This actress can do wonders if given a chance.

Anonymous said...

awww thank u.

Anonymous said...

great acting makes up for whatever flaws this film has.


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